Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MONDO Break: Indians

Coupla Thomes, coupla Omars, and a Rocky.

TEAM: Cleveland Indians
BUYER: -David

Rocky Colavito Bat
Not too many 9-time All-Stars aren't in the HOF.

Jim Thome Jerseys (383/400, 554/800)
There's a subtle difference between these two cards, the hue of the monochrome background pictures.

Omar Vizquel Bats
No difference between these two, but I like the little rectangular impressions in the bat chunks.



Love the "Rock".

Are the Thomes just a production varience?

--David said...

These are fantastic! Glad I jumped in on this one. :-) Hey, Baseball Dad, do you need one of those Thome's? I'll send it your way if you do!


If I could type, I would have written " variance ".
If I could read, I would have seen two different serial number sets.

David, I have the one to 800 but I need the one to 400.

--David said...

Done! When I get them, I'll send it your way. :-)