Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MONDO Break: Yankees

The Yankees netted 17 relic cards in this break. Yeah, the rich do keep getting richer.

TEAM: New York Yankees

Don Larson Jersey (17/99)
This card is awesome. The sad thing is, this probably passes as a disappointing card in a pack/box of tribute.

Jose Canseco Bat x3
I don't know... this kind of just makes me laugh.

Joe Torre Jersey x2 (045/199, 151/199)
Hey, now you've got just over 1% of these cards. The jersey pieces look kind of aged, like these were from his playing days, not his managing days, even though he never played for the Yankees.

Mike Mussina Jersey

Paul O'Neil Jersey (03/15)
That's a fairly low number.

Mike Mussina Jersey (0718/1000)
That's a high number, but I like the design a lot. "Pristine Portions," HAHA! There was a friend of mine who liked to use the word portion as a euphemism for a man's package. So it's good to have a "healthy portion."

Paul O'Neill / Bernie Williams Dual Bat
I wonder if O'Neill ever caught a fly ball in his hat for that sick kid?

Robinson Cano Bat
Too bad we didn't get three of these, it would have made a true turkey. I like how the bat grains go in two different directions.

Bernie Williams Jersey
About as ho-hum as jersey cards get.

Ron Guidry Jersey (075/199)
Okay, what's the deal? Guidry's jersey looks way newer than Torre's.

Mike Mussina Jersey/Bat (05/50)

Bernie Williams Jersey (15/25)
That's a nice-looking card. I've got a soft spot for low-numbered gold parallels.

Bernie Williams Jersey
I think BS pointed out in the Phillies comments thread that these 206's are likely the first framed relics.

Nice haul!

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