Friday, August 10, 2012

To Whom Should This Card Go?

Before we go any further with the MONDO Break, I've got one last unassigned card for the July break, and I'd like some advice on the team it should go to.

2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball #BLA Casey Blake AUTO (156/180)

This is kind of a tricky one. Blake first payed for the Blue Jays, was probably best known as an Indian and Dodger, and also played for the Twins and Orioles before ending his career after failing to make the Rockies' 2012 roster. This card, however, mentions none of these teams. Rather, Blake is depicted in a Team USA jersey. I haven't looked too hard, but I can't find any information about when he was part of the team. I'm inclined to have this card go to the pro team he was with closest to his time with USA Baseball. On the other hand, Blake was with Cleveland at the time this card was produced, so that factors into the decision as well.

If you'd like to weigh in on this one, leave a comment with your reasoning. I'll let the commenters decide who gets this card.


Anonymous said...

This website says Casey played for Team USA in the 1994 Baseball World Cup, backing up Brian Dallimore.

According to, Casey was still an unsigned amateur at that point. The Blue Jays finally signed him in 1996 after they drafted him, but that was the third team to draft him. Not sure if it matters, but he was drafted by the Phillies in the 1992 amateur draft, but did not sign. So I would say he's either up for grabs by any team for being unsigned, or he goes to the Phillies, as they were at least the team that had a claim on him at the time having drafted him in the 1992 amateur draft, although he never signed with them.


Wilson said...

Since it's a 2004 set, he was on the Indians, so I'd say Indians. If Upper Deck pays any attention to trying to represent teams somewhat equally to appease all fans, at the time they decided to add this card it would have counted for the Indians in their metrics.

BA Benny said...

Random it between all the teams he played for.

SpastikMooss said...

I like Phillies.

--David said...

I say Triber, but I do like the idea of randomizing it between all the teams for which he played. Add a little mystery in there.

Mad Guru said...

Randomize it but weigh the drawing based on plate appearances. Makes it roughly 2/3 chance Indians, 1/3 Dodgers, miracle chance Twins, Orioles, Blue Jays. Seems fair.