Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's Poppin' Next Year?

Major Major Major Major sporting events occur in four-year cycles, so you pretty much get something to watch during the summer (and perhaps at another time) each year. Except the dreaded Year Two of the cycle. Allow me to elaborate.

Let's call a year with the Summer Olympics Y1. Here's what they cycle looks like:
Y1: Summer Olympics / European Championship
Y2: ???
Y3: Men's FIFA World Cup / Winter Olympics
Y4: Women's FIFA World Cup

Y5 restarts the cycle again at Y1, and it continues from there (barring an unforeseen interruption).

The question is, what can I count on to placate me during Y2? And don't you dare say World Baseball Classic. I'd sooner watch and score a late-September Mariners/Indians game than that meaningless steaming pile.

The closest thing I can think of is the CONCACAF Gold Cup, held biannually in Y2 and Y4. There is also interest to be had in World Cup Qualifying matches in Y2, but those are ultimately spread too thin to attain true EVENT status.


Retrofan said...

You can check out the World Games here . They are for all other sports that are not represented in the Olympics.

--David said...

Hey, hey, what are you trying to say about a Mariners/Indians, nevermind... Though, there are plenty of teams that would prove much more awful to score.

Chris Harris said...

COPA AMERICA!!! (and the Gold Cup)