Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nightmares on Cardboard 2012 Submission #2

This next submission comes from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards. He's been in the running once or twice before, and this year I think he's got a real shot at it.

We're starting off with a trio of cards in the style of 2009 Topps American Heritage, which itself borrows in part from '75 Topps. Everything you are about to see comes from the most excellent documentary, American Movie. Many of the parts of this movie were shot very close to where I grew up. I'm talking like across-the-street close. Some of Mark's early Super 8 movies were filmed in the Valhalla cemetery, which I often used as a shortcut to my friends' houses. The liquor store they go to was also the one my dad shopped at. RAY-DEN'S has since been replaced by something else, but I remember it fondly.
Mark Borchardt
When you score a cabinet to bust someone's head through it, make sure you're thorough enough.
Mike Schank
Has great stories about acid.
Uncle Bill
"It's alright, it's okay. You have something to live for, JESUS TOLD ME SO."
I could really go on about those for hours, but there are some more cards here. They say 1992 Marvel at the bottom, but I don't recognize them. Matt used the design to create a set of completely hapless and ineffective monsters from various movies. I'll go through each of these and let you know how familiar I am with each.
-Own the MST3K DVD. Too bad there's no Torgo card.
Rock Monster from Missile to the Moon
-Haven't seen it.
The Creeping Terror
-Have seen it, own the DVD from the MST3K boxed set Vol. 1.
The Wind from The Happening
-Saw it on DVD with friends, will probably never watch it again.
Zombie Thor Johnson
-Finally saw Plan 9 earlier this year on another website's movie night, complete with chat room. Also, I think his name should be Tor, not Thor.
These are pretty great and should get a lot of votes. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Love that there's no strength or intimidation to any of these, although I'm thinking Tor might smell pretty strong.