Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nightmares on Cardboard 2012

Yes, I've been a total slacker and it's now the morning of October 7th. There was a day back at the height of summer when I had a wonderful idea about the theme of this year's custom card making contest, but it has since escaped me. I've been stalling for time like some poor sap in a screwball comedy, but the notion hasn't reemerged yet. So here's what I'm doing. Nightmares on Cardboard V is going to be a free-for-all. No rules, whatever's clever, I'm easy. I've deregulated this thing like Reagan, so trickle down, young man, trickle down.

Go forth and create to your heart's content. Make a scary card. Make a whole pack of cards. Gank a design from 1954 Topps. Start from scratch. Reference an obscure made-for-TV movie from the '70s that's only available on VHS. Murder Rickey Henderson. Do whatever you want, make it great, and send it to me. The more creative and thoughtful, the better chance you have of winning. Your goal is to get me to say, "Oh. My. God."

If you wish to enter, you have until October 27 (a Saturday) to submit your entry to me. Email me at if you wish to submit electronically, or if you just need my mailing address. If you have that stuff already, then I wish you good luck.

P.S. Do not actually murder Rickey Henderson. Only do it in cardboard form.

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dayf said...

My entry is completed and has been mailed. I'll shoot you an e-mail with scans this afternoon.