Monday, October 1, 2012

Pack Bust: 1994 Cardz Muppets Take the Ice

Another entire week goes by, and all I've got is another oddball pack from Jesse. Not that that's a bad thing.

It's that time of year again, when the common man is unsure whether there will be hockey or not. To tide you all over in case the lockout lasts a long time, I've got a pack of 1994 Cardz Muppets Take the Ice.
Now I know what you're thinking. When you hear the words "Muppets" and "hockey" in the same breath, you automatically think amateur hockey. Not so, friends. The mid-1990s were strange, heady times, and for some reason the NHL granted a license to do this.

Let's tear in.

Top to Bottom:
2 Center Forward
The early tiers of the checklist are a quick and dirty guide to the sport, and this is one of the Positions subset cards. The wiry Kermit is a natural choice for center, being quick and agile without a lot of muscle mass. I didn't get a defenseman, but I'm hoping Fozzie was picked to represent the enforcer.
23 Goal
Kermit pads the points stats with an empty netter, presumably against the Whalers.
10 Puck
A vital part of the equipment subset, they don't get much more basic than this.
56 Calgary Flames History
Now the good stuff starts. These team cards are well executed. Kermit's hosting a north-of-the-border barbecue, but he got distracted by something and let the meat burn. The card back explains the origin of the team's name. Kinda dumb that they kept the Flames nickname, since Calgary wasn't, as far as I know, burned to the ground by Sherman.
55 Buffalo Sabres History
Gonzo rides the buffalo after some post-playoff game tequila shooters.
52 Winnepeg Jets
Not a team history card, more of a facts card, divisions, team colors, arena and the like. If you have an hour to kill, check out Death By Popcorn, a documentary covering the demise of the Jets. Not as tragic now that they have a team again, but an interesting watch despite its amateurish, disjointed structure.
40 New York Islanders
Wow! Card of the pack, for sure. Great to see that Animal was granted the grandfather exemption from the NHL's helmet rule. He'd just brain a guy with it, so the game is probably better off.
41 New York Rangers
Miss Piggy's helmet looks more like a jock. Easily my least favorite character in the Muppets universe, and kind of a dull card. If I was a die-hard Rangers fan, I'd be pissed at this shirt shrift.
I must confess how pleasantly surprised I am by this pack. You can get a full set for about ten bucks if you look online. There were also something called Tekchrome inserts (most likely parallels).

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Chris Harris said...

YES!!! DEATH BY POPCORN!!!! GREATEST HOCKEY MOVIE EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!