Friday, October 19, 2012

zoolBay #11: 1981 Topps Lot

I was picking through a big mixed lot of cards earlier this month which happened to contain a ton of 1981 Topps cards.
I'm putting them up for sale to the first bidder. The cards are now in a 550-count box and there's no wiggle room, so I'm guessing it's pretty close to 550 cards. Mostly commons, but they're in great condition. It would give you a nice head start on the set if it's something you've thought about pursuing.

I'm going to do this Buy-It-Now-style. The first commenter to claim the lot for $25 gets it. I'll be putting this PayPal money towards a box of 2012 Update. Against my better judgment, yes, but traditions are traditions. Trade Me Anything has to go on, you know. Maybe the price will fall to close to $25 by the time I'm ready to buy a box.


Kev said...


(now what do i do?)

Thorzul said...

Send $25 via PayPal to

Make sure your address is in there somewhere, and I'll get the cards out to you this week.

Kev said...

cool, thanks! i just "sent money" to paypal, so it may take a three days to clear - i should have it for you by wednesday. and since your using it for update, maybe i'll have some extras for you, if your are looking for anything specific...

Kev said...

sent you the money this evening - sorry for the slight delay!

and thanks again!