Saturday, November 10, 2012

Guys From the Bucket #3

Since the last time I visited this recurring feature, I've cleaned out the buckets, separated what was worth keeping from the garbage, and condensed everything together. Of course, not two minutes later my daughter had strewn everything around the floor. These toys are kept in a less-traveled area of the house, so on the floor they stay. Truth be told, it's made it easier for me to tell what exactly is in there.

Name: X-Cop
Affiliation: Ghostbusters (Haunted Humans)
Missing Pieces: None

Somewhere through the Ghostbusters' run, Kenner made a Haunted Humans set of ghosts for your guys to do battle with. They started out as relatively innocuous human figurines, but could be transformed into monsters through various means. Take this stubby police officer, for instance. He looks like all he's ready to do is pull you over, maybe give you a ticket or go a little too far with your girlfriend in what should have been a routine pat-down. If you hit the button in his back, though...

...he turns into a scary skeleton. Correction: A scary skeleton ready to violate your civil rights in a sweeping abuse of authority.
The arms and legs can also be pulled out to reveal the bones that would have made Officer Dickhead fall within the normal range of human bodily proportions. The spring-loaded tongue is what my daughter fixates on when she pops this guy open. Me, I like the anatomically inaccurate two-bone structure of the cop's thigh area. This thing still works like a dream, with no problems transforming or staying in place. If only Ghostbusters II could have aged this well.


Traveling Pics said...

Abuse of Authority?? What a mean skeleton!! aaarrghh!!

Chuck's Used Cards said...

Is that Cop up for trade ?

What could possibly send that figure to my "prison" ?