Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nightmares on Cardboard 2012 Submission #5

The Cardboard Junkie has thrown his hat into the ring this year by sending a doctored card pack full of scary delights. Heck, even the pack has been altered. Let's see what's in this Nightmare Edition.
The gum looks pretty scary, especially around the edges. But isn't a small amount of botulism good for you, though? Or is that something else I'm thinking of?
1987 Bob Grich
Wasn't he the second person accused of witchcraft in Salem, right after Tituba? (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the first reference to Tituba in any baseball card blog post ever. The nadir or the apex of the hobby, depending on your perspective.)
1983 Chucky Mangler
Nice scars.
1989 Candyman
I think this is my favorite of the pack. Very clever way to reference the film.
1976 Wayne is the Middle Name...
Complete with Chipper reference.
1982 Jason Voorhees
I'll bet that dugout phone makes the "CH-CH-CH, AH-AH-AH" sound when it rings.
1968 Juan Bizarro
This am good card.
And finally, there was a super scary special secret pack inside. Did I heed the warning on the wrapper?
Of course not!

And unless I'm missing anything, that's the final entry. I'll get a poll up soon for you guys and gals to pick the winner. Good luck to all!

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SpastikMooss said...

Dang...this is pretty awesome too. That Candyman card is killer and the Wayne card has a strange appeal to it...this is gonna be a tough one!