Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade Me Anything VI #1

Going to the mailbox is fun right now, since the first of the Trade Me Anything trades have started to arrive. This first one is from Don, and it came in a big old padded envelope.

2012 Topps Update Series 1987 Mini #TM-118 Austin Jackson
1984 Green Bay Packers Calendar
A bunch of 2011 Topps inserts
Wow, the Packers were so bad that they didn't even identify the players pictured on each page by name. I know Lynn Dickey is the QB on the cover, but other than that I don't know too many, as it was still a few years before I would become a faithful fan. This is the type of thing that sellers are hawking at local card shows.
The cards are super great, as I've been letting my want lists languish for a while.

Thanks for the great trade, Don!

By the way, I'm going back to the DVD paired with one or more of the cards I'm letting go, and it's going to be part of a promotion-long contest. Each card will have some connection to the movie sleeve it is pictured with. The first person to correctly identify the connection in the comments will earn a point. I'll be keeping track at the end of each thread throughout TMA, and the person with the most points at the conclusion will win all of the unclaimed cards I'm trading away. (There are plenty left, if you haven't proposed a trade.) So if you're the first to read this, go ahead and make a guess. Believe me, they all won't be this obvious form here on out.

Night Owl 1

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night owl said...

I'm sure I won't get any of the less obvious connections, so I'll jump on this.

Jackson and Powers each have the same first name. "Danger" is their middle name.