Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trade Me Anything VI #3

This next one comes from Antelope Jeff. I'm calling him that because his name is Jeff and the return address was in Antelope, CA. Pretty cool name, if you ask me. Jeff forgot his SASE, which could be expected from a rookie. I'm reading the book Paper Lion right now, by George Plimpton. In this book, Plimpton convinces the Detroit Lions to let him live the life of a rookie at their summer training camp. One chapter deals with rookie hazing, which back then didn't get much worse than being told to stand on one's chair in the cafeteria and sing one's school fight song. So Jeff, get up on that chair.

2012 Topps Update 1987 Mini #TM-123 C.J. Wilson and Gold Parallel #46 Peter Bourjos (1933/2012)
A nice stack of 1988 Topps
I may regret asking people to send me these, but for now I like it.
An equally nice stack of Your Milwaukee Brewers
I picked out a few of my favorites that I didn't have yet. In no particular order...
1982 Donruss #26 Gorman Thomas Diamond Kings
That hair fluffing out from either side looks like something I would not want to have brushed across my mouth (closed or open). GUND Stuffed Animals, however, might want some of that for their "naturals" line.
1982 Fleer #156 Pete Vuckovich
Vuke's curls and pock marks just make me queasy.
1982 Fleer #146 Rickey Keeton
I have literally never heard of this guy. I must have already had his '82 Topps card, since I have the whole set, but his name escaped memory. Keeton got into exactly 22 Major League Baseball games in his career, which spanned 1980-1981. He has exactly three officially licensed cards, from the three major brands in 1982. That's it. There appear to be a few peripherals worth chasing if you want to be a Rickey Keeton Supercollector. I'll allow someone else to roll that rock up the hill, though.
Thanks for a cool trade, Antelope Jeff. Please send me the SASE so I can send you your cards.

And finally, what's the DVD connection? I'm pretty happy with this one, but it's still not too hard to figure out. Remember, there's a contest going on all TMA long.

Night Owl 1
madding 1
Jordan 1


Jordan said...

I don't know if the connection was for Bourjos as well, but CJ Wilson must be referring to Wilson the Volleyball.

night owl said...

C.J. Wilson shares his last name with the name Tom Hanks' character gave the volleyball in Cast Away.

Don't know where Peter Bourjos comes in though.

Thorzul said...

Jordan, you beat night owl by microseconds. There is only the Wilson/volleyball connection, so that's all you need.

Jeff said...

"Fight, Hornet, Fight!"

Fight on, Sacramento State, Fight on to victory.
The Hornet is on the wing.
The foe will know that we can show them
We're meant for fame and glory.
All the World will know
The Hornet's NEST is BEST in the WEST by TEST!
Sacramento State, LET'S GO!!!

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go,
Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight,
Go, Fight, Go, Fight, Win!!!

(I didn't even know Sac State had a fight song. Thank you google)