Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trade Me Anything VI #4

Here it is, kiddos, the best part of your day. Send in the fourth trade. The secret envelope says this is from Paul, who has a blog about random stuff.

2012 Topps Update Series #GG-82 Gary Carter Golden Greats, #BB-28 Johan Santana Blockbusters
A big lot of, well, random stuff. It amounted to a pile of about 150 cards from all genres. I'll show you a few that caught my fancy.

2003 MLB Showdown #S10 "Nuisance" (starring Barry Larkin)
I realize that a runner on first with a nice jump can be a nuisance, but Barry deserves better than this.
1992-92 Upper Deck Hockey #302 Dale Hawerchuk
I know next to nothing about professional Eis Hockey, but this name sounds familiar. A fan favorite of some sort, perhaps?
1992-93 Upper Deck Hockey #204 Pat Verbeek
Another name I recognize, but I'm sharing this one for the front row chick just over Pat's right shoulder. Yikes! "Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!"
Sorry, I wish I could post everything, but that would take me well past the Cardvent Calendar. I know, I know, "Sorry ain't gonna pay the bills, Chico."
Go ahead and submit your guess for the DVD connection. This one really sucks, but it was the best I could do since I had already used Get Carter a couple of years ago.

Night Owl 1
madding 1
Jordan 1
Crowded House 1


Crowded House said...

Well, Gary Carter's a catcher, so there's the "catch" part covered, and Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history, which I guess qualifies as the "if you can" half of the equation. Together, they make one whole movie (title)!

FanOfReds said...

Should you ever decide to part with that Larkin, I know someone who would love it...especially because cards like that don't show up in most Larkin databases!

Thorzul said...

The catcher/catch me connection was all you needed. +1

Thorzul said...

I'll set that Larkin aside for you, FanOfReds.