Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trade Me Anything VI #9

The Night Owl swooped in and left this trade behind. Check it.

2012 Topps Update Series Golden Moments #GM-U16 Andre Ethier, Gold Sparkle #US5 Wade Miley, #US175 Tim Byrdak
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Cassette Single "Good Vibrations"
Is it ok to call this a "cassingle," because I think I remember that term. For any interested parties, the B-side is "So What Chu Sayin." Actually, the text on the reverse lists the A-side as the "Wildside" and the B-side as the "Smoove Side." Yes, you're reading that correctly.
A bunch of cards
My request for '88 commons was heard loud and clear, but there was more to be found. Below are some of the highlights.
2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History #49 Matt Kemp
I knew a good Dodger man would come through with a card from my Most Wanted list. Now someone just needs to send me that pesky Jay Bruce. I'm holding out on this one, and will refuse to pick it up from COMC or the like.
2008 Upper Deck Documentary Gold #760 (MIL30) Ryan Braun
2012 Wacky Packages Series 9 #32 Bramble's
These are best appreciated one at a time, so you can savor them.
2011 Topps Blue Sparkle #92 Chris Narveson (55/60)
I've finally figured out what to call these. Though not as common as the sweet borbonesque liquorfractors, the blue ones popped up from time to time. I'd like to suggest calling them Velvafractors, as in Aqua Velva. The shade of blue is almost a perfect match, and if you're holding one of these, you've got a nice manly smell going.
1984 Fleer #611 Dave Henderson
Here's a little exercise I'd like you to try with this card. Look at it for a few seconds. Then look away. While looking away, get the idea in your head that Henderson is part of a community theatre troupe and the character he's playing in the spring feature happens to be blind. Now look back at the card. See? He's looking right at you, but he's also not looking at you. A true Stanislavsky method actor displaying mastery of his craft. He'll be sticking around for a short talkback after the Saturday matinee.

Alright, since there's a heated three-way tie at the top of the leader board, this DVD cover connection is going to be a little more labyrinthine than usual, a little more six degrees than usual. The connection is there, but you're going to have to put some thought into it. I'll offer one hint, though: Follow the steps of the dinosaur.

Jordan 2
Crowded House 2
Night Owl 2
madding 1
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Jordan said...

Wallace Shawn was in The Princess Bride with Cary Elwes, who was in Robin Hood Men in Tights with Patrick Stewart, who was in X-Men with Famke Jansen, who had a role in GOLDENeye. All those cards are Gold...ish
Not that one? Okay, lemme think of something else.
Wallace Shawn was with Chris Sarandon in The Princess Bride, who was in Child's Play with Brad Dourif, who was in Lord of the Rings with Christopher Lee, who was the man with the GOLDEN gun.

I have tried incredibly hard here.

Thorzul said...

You're waaaaaay overthinking it.

Jordan said...

All these cards are shiny
Wallace Shawn has a shiny head.

I know that's not it, but I'm absolutely stumped.

Jeff Wilk said...

I am working two angles on this. Maybe this will spark someone:

1) Wallace Shawn (Rex in Toy Story) was in "Princess Bride" with Andre the Giant (Andre Ethier). He was in "Toy Story" with Tim Allen (Tim Byrdak). I can't come up with a "Wade" or "Miley" link, though.


2) Wallace was in "Dinner with Andre" with Andre Gregory, who was in Bonfire of the Vanities with "Tom Hanks", who was in Toy Story with Wallace and Tim Allen. Again, this path ignores the Wade Miley card.

Maybe one of those paths is a starting point?

Thorzul said...

Jeff Wilk, I'll give you the point.

Here's my line of thinking:
Toy Story ---> Wallace Shawn ---> My Dinner With Andre ---> Andre Ethier

The Princess Bride angle is a good one, but it's a step longer than mine. Since you mentioned all of the parts, you got it.

Crowded House said...

Wow. The best I came up with was a Tim/Tim connection between Allen and Byrdak. And maybe one of the toys being named Wade (I think).