Saturday, December 1, 2012

2012 Card-vent Calendar: December 1

December 1, 2012:
1984 Donruss #529 Ron Reed
Here we are, deep into autumn, counting down the days until entertainment websites start churning out year-end best-of lists and your local newspaper publishes that page with everyone famous who died this year. It also means that you are guaranteed a post a day for the better part of a month on a blog that has seen a sporadic publishing schedule this past year. Now let's stop bullshitting, belly up to the eggnog trough, and feast upon the 2012 calendar's first card.

The blurred, circle-head-fans background is an effect that has been seen on any number of cards, and when done well can be a thing of beauty. Such a display plants seeds of philosophical thoughts in men's minds. What does this image say about the modern sports fan? Are we an integral part of the sporting landscape, or just background noise? The hero is in sharp focus, but why do we only get an impression of the spectators? And how do the oil companies figure into all of this? Will stirrups realy ever make a comeback, or are they just part of the costume for baseball's fool, the goofball reliever? If the image creator is in motion, is not Ron Reed standing still? If a closer blows a save, but the only fans around to witness it are abstractly rendered, can they still boo?

Looking at this card is nothing short of being touched by the hand of God.

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Chris, a librarian said...

Pretty good starting pitcher
Pretty good long reliever
Long and respectable career