Monday, December 17, 2012

December Group Break is Open!

Last week, I happened to catch one of the limited-quantity deals on one of the big card retailer sites, and I got a box of Sport Kings Series B for a very low price. The trouble is, it's not a product I'm particularly interested in, so here's what I thought I'd do. The box will be its own mini group break, but instead of picking by team, breakers will get to select by athlete. It's a relatively small checklist, but it's a box with a small amount of cards in it.
If you want in on this break, check out the checklists below. Your first selection will cost $10, and your second will cost $5. From that point, the cost of the selection will alternate between $8 and $5, so it'll be third-$8, fourth-$5, fifth-$8, and so on. Pick as many athletes as you want, and claim them in the comments.

The only athlete I'm claiming as my own is Pele. All other athletes are considered mine until they are claimed and paid for. I'm also mandating immediate payment, so until payment is received, that player is considered unclaimed. Payment can be sent via PayPal to:

Here are the checklists:
Base Cards
Cut Signatures (Yeah, right.)
Admit One Redemptions (Must be claimed specifically.)

If we happen to get a card with two or more athletes on it, that card will be randomed off among any participants laying claim to one of the athletes on it. I also reserve the right to cancel the group break at any time before the box is opened based upon a general lack of participation. I'm looking at this Friday night as the probable time for opening the box. The break will take place on video, and I will be reading a list of all claimed athletes on this video before the break begins, just so you know everything's on the up-and-up. Good luck!

Athletes Claimed
Pele - Thorzul (paid)

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