Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pull the Trigger #1.0

Over the last few months, eBay selling has been really horrible. I've had people win auctions and then refuse to pay, and most of my items have remained unsold. I'm trying to clean up my card area a bit, so there's clearly stuff that just needs to go. What I'm going to do is offer it up to readers in a sale that's part auction, part game of chicken. An unsold eBay item will go up for sale at a fixed price. If you want to claim the item at that price, state your intentions in the comments. If a few days pass and nobody buys the item, I will add something else to the pile, but the price remains unchanged. Sure, you could see something you want and wait for more stuff to get added, but then you're taking the chance that someone will swoop down and snatch it away from you.

Here's the first item:
One Lot of At Least 1,000 Football Cards
This lot includes everything you see in the picture, including a Topps Mayo silk card of Philadelphia Eagle Darren Howard numbered 2/5, a couple of Topps Mayo autographs, six jersey cards (including Marshall Faulk), a bunch of serial numbered cards (including Ray Lewis), and some inserts. Some of the base cards in this lot come from 2009 Topps Mayo, 1997 Topps Stadium Club, and 2001 Pacific. There are a lot of Pacific Ltd. Edition serial numbered cards, some as low as 45 and 99. There are also some Topps base cards from the 1970s and 1980s, not in great shape, but fun to have. There are also many random cards from sets made in the 2000s. There are probably around 1,100 or 1,200 cards in the lot, but I'm calling it 1,000 to be on the safe side.

Maybe there's a hundred dollars' worth of cards there, maybe not. If you want these, go ahead and stake your claim, but if not, wait until I add something new to the pile. A hundred bucks takes it.

(By the way, you can right click on the picture if you have a PC, or control click on it if you have a Mac, if you want to see a full-size picture of the cards.)

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