Friday, January 18, 2013

Trade Me Anything VI: #13 (Part 1)

I don't think Trade Me Anything has run into January before. I have no problem with it, though. With the rush of the holidays and the Card-vent Calendar suddenly ending, I usually hit a January lull. The Cardboard Junkie has awoken the savage beast.

2012 Topps Update Series Gold #305 Chipper Jones (1758/2012), 1987 Mini #TM-138 Brandon Beachy
Okay, I could write this trade up in one mammoth post with life references stretching all the way back to 1988. The important content would get lost in a post that three people will read late on a Friday night, and one of the biggest reveals in the history of this blog would turn out to be, in the parlance of Saint Ron Wolf, "a fart in the wind."
Or, I could wring three separate posts out of the trade while anticipation mounts.

I'm going with the latter.
Beckett Baseball Card Monthly #90 September 1992
Hmm, already picked this up at a card show for a dollar almost three years ago. My house has two bathrooms, though, and I can only read Our Dumb World so many times. A tepid win.
Star Wars CCG Rules Insert
I don't know what it is with me, but I can never seem to wrap my head around rules for games like these. Dungeons & Dragons, too. I never really knew any people well enough who were into games like this, or Magic: The Gathering, so I never got a hand-holding experience that would lead a noob like myself into the culture. I even picked up a couple of D&D starter sets back in middle school, but I couldn't make heads or tails of how to start. There was even a point where I owned what might be considered a rudimentary baseball RPG card game, a forerunner to things that showed up later like MLB Showdown. Pretty neat, but I just played war with it.

Don't miss our next episode: Equine Subterfuge... or Kneel Before, Um, Zod, Maybe?

Oh, and feel free to guess the card/DVD connection. No prize, other than less shame.


Jordan said...

"And I bet that was your accomplice in the wood-chipper" Which would be the Chipper Jones connection.

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