Saturday, January 19, 2013

Trade Me Anything VI: #13 (Part 2)

After the Beckett and the Star Wars instructions, the next thing to emerge from the trade was a large pack of something Pony. Looks like you get an action figure and a card, but the pack is too flat for that, plus, the bottom looks a little hinky.
Out spilled a couple of non-sport packs, one Star Trek and one Superman II. It's a tough call to figure out which is better.
Terence Stamp > Anyone associated with the original series, but this is TNG, my series of choice. I probably wrote about this before, but once with birthday money I bought a 1990 Score factory set and a Worf bookmark. I later returned a book to the library with Worf still in it, but found it again on the shelf a few weeks later.
No matter, since the Superman pack is another ruse embedded within the original Pony ruse. The wax seal on the pack was tainted, and the first card to appear was an advert for Arthur Adams Trading Cards. It's got that Todd McFarlane style of art I hate so much. Yuck. The rest of the oddball cards in this pack are better. I'll share them here in order of preference.
1982 Topps E.T. #51 THEIR HOME BESEIGED!
This is one of my favorite set designs of all-time, even though I don't really care too much for the movie. I would love for Topps to make a set for some new movie with the same card stock.
2005 Topps #TT-BH Ben Hendrickson Team Topps AUTO
Yeah, I don't remember him too well, either. He's part of the brotherhood, though, grail chest tattoo or not, so into the binder it goes.
1990 Alien Nation #56
I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring this one out, given the limited abount of information available. The back of the card just has a few letters of a puzzle. This seller has a set for sale for a reasonable price and for some reason has a photo of every card.

2012 Pony #12 Sweetie Belle
Now I haz pony.
1989 Back to the Future Part II Sticker #4
I have friends who would sit and watch these with their siblings every weekend, but I never got too into them. Part II was definitely my favorite, though, mostly for the sports almanac and the fantasies associated with it. One bet would be all it would take: In the winter of 1990-91, put everything you own on the Braves and Twins playing in the 1991 World Series. What would those odds have been, like 10,000:1?
1992 The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles #3-D 4 and 3-D Pince-Nez
Another series I never cared for too much. Sorry for not watching it, I was probably the deciding Nielsen non-vote that got it cancelled. And as for Spielberg-helmed TV series, Amazing Stories or GTFO!
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