Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trade Me Anything VI: #13 (Part 3)

The final thing in dayf's trade:
Drawing of Thorzul as Pony (Pencil on 8 1/2 x 11" paper)
Pretty cool, even if Pony isn't your thing. Actually, if I were to get into Pony, I would have to go all out and start a website called Ponykov written from the perspective of an intense Russian Brony. It would be awesome, I assure you.

Alright, here's the deal. The question I get most often has to do with the name of this blog. I've never publicly answered it, and there may be one reader who has figured it out, since you would have to have been a student in a Wisconsin elementary school at a very specific time to get it.

Here goes.
The name Thorzul is taken from the educational television series "Storylords." You can check out its Wikipedia page here if you want the official backstory. The show was produced in the mid-1980s by the University of Wisconsin-Stout (one of the satellite campuses of the UW system), and it was focused on building reading comprehension. The protagonist of the series, a boy named Norbert, has to use his reading skills as a Storylord to thwart the attempts of the evil mastermind Thorzuul to turn the citizens of the land of Mojuste to stone. Yes, the original Thorzuul, played by actor Larry Laird, spells his name with two u's. I changed it to one.

This is the part I may be totally wrong on, but I sort of remember there being a line in one of the episodes, spoken either my Thorzuul or his assistant/flunky/chauffeur Milkbreath claiming that, "Thorzuul will rule." If you want to look up the episodes on YouTube, sit through all of them until you find the line, and email me with a link, I'd be eternally grateful. Although to be fair, it might not even exist.

From the dawn of readily accessible internet, Thorzul has been my handle, kind of based off a split-second decision. And that's the story. Any questions?

Actually, I have one question of my own. In this drawing, Pony says, "What do?" What does that mean?


SpastikMooss said...

Mind = Blown. I was always curious where the name came from.

Matt P. said...

I remember watching these in grade school. We always watched them in the classroom, but once - for reasons unexplained - we were all marched into the gym to watch one. And about halfway through that episode - BOOM - fuckin' Thourzul himself walks into the room, yelling about Norbert, Milkbreath trailing after him. Sixty pants were instantly shit.

Bo said...

Did a quick google search and found this:
"“I will soon rule Mojuste, and then I’ll be prosperous,” thought Thorzuul. “Everything will
soon belong to me! I will be the richest Storylord in this galaxy.”"
p. 37