Wednesday, January 2, 2013

zoolBay #13: Little Big Unit

I'm not a huge fan of minor league cards, but in my collecting travels, I've acquired a few nice ones. Today, I've decided to set them free.

For $10.00 PayPal, the first person to stake their claim can have a Randy Johnson from 1987, a Manny Ramirez from 1991, and a Torii "Please Don't Get Any of Your Gay on Me" Hunter from 1994.
The Randy alone makes this a great deal, but part of me likes the Manny the best. He's sporting the same Youth Service League jersey as in his 1992 Topps card. I have no idea what the origins of that team are, but it seems like Little League to me. I'd shit my pants if I were the pitcher a a dude looking like him came up to the plate. No thanks, you can have first base, sir.

Claim these in the comments.

1 comment:

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