Monday, February 25, 2013

Late-'90s Box Break Report

This weekend I opened a couple of boxes of 1998 Bowman, one each of Series 1 and 2. I think I did pretty well overall, especially considering these now cost only a fraction of what they used to. Here are the highlights.

Minor League MVPs
Seeded at 12:1 in series 2 boxes, I was fortunate to get an extra insert. There are three of the top four cards in this insert set that I'd want to get, so job well done.
Jeter, Gonzalez, and Guerrero.

The 1999 Rookie of the Year Favorites has a pretty weak lineup, in retrospect. I got an Alex Gonzalez and a Richie Sexson. Incidentally, the actual 1999 Rookies of the Year were Carlos Beltran of the Royals and Scott Williamson of the Reds, neither of whom is in this insert set.

The International parallels also treated me pretty well.
I snagged a Gwynn and an Ivan Rodriguez...

...and an Alex Rodriguez and a Frank Thomas.

And of course, let us not forget God Griffey.

On the rookie side of things, I got a few parallels of guys '90s collectors would have creamed their jeans over. Today, not so much.
Gonzalez, Wood, and Glaus.

Series 1 had an insert set called Scout's Choice whose checklist wasn't much to write home about, either.
Got a couple of future journeymen, Hermansen and Ledee. Was Ricky Ledee the type of guy who was a desired prospect in the hobby by virtue of playing in New York?

Finally, I also noticed something fun about one of the International Parallels. I got a Hideki Irabu. The back of his base card is printed in English, but his Int'l parallel is in Japanese. Were all of his like this, or do I have a special copy. I tend to think it's the former, since Topps wasn't much into gimmicks at that time. Let me know if you have information about this.

All in all, a slam dunk of a box. No autos, still about 60 cards short of the set, but I had fun opening it.


Ryan H said...

Sorry, you don't have a special card. All of the International foils feature backs in the player's native language!

Thorzul said...

Sweet, thanks for the info!