Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Betting Tips on the MLB

The single most important tip for anyone planning on making a future bet on either the American or National Leagues or the World Series is to find out as much as you possibly can about the teams – their strengths and weaknesses, plus any form, injury or off-field issues that might impact on their chances. When it comes to the American League, the LA Angels, the Detroit Tigers and the Toronto Blue Jays are clear favourites, as you can get odds of 4/1 on all of these sides – depending on which sports betting site you visit, although some prefer a longer odds bet, such as the Red Sox at 16/1.
The National League favourites, with the sports betting sites, are the Washington Nationals – who have been given pre-season odds of 7/2. The Nationals are a young side, but are generally considered to be a very strong bet for the National League this season, although the Dodgers at 9/2 and the Cincinnati Reds at 11/2 could also be worth a bet for this league. Unsurprisingly the favourites for the World Series are the same teams which are favourites for the two leagues, making it worth looking at a combined bet, depending on which team you pick.
Of course you will always minimise the element of risk involved in MLB betting if you wait until the season develops further before placing a bet – because the pre-season favourites don’t always live up to this billing. In the meantime there is always the option of a game like Hot Shot, which is a baseball themed slots game found at iphone casino sites. Hot Shot is a game made for baseball fans, from the reel icons of pitchers, hitters, catchers’ mitts and classic baseball snacks, to the bats, balls and baseball green that provide the backdrop. Then there are the sound effects, from a bat hitting a baseball when you score a winning reel, to the cheers of the crowd if you get a reel containing the scatter symbol (the trophy one). Throw in a top jackpot of $2000, and you have the perfect baseball betting game to play while waiting to bet on the MLB.


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