Friday, March 1, 2013

Completion!: 2011 Topps Update Series

I recently completed a trade with reader Jerold. Included in this trade was the last 2011 Topps base card I needed.
2011 Topps Update Series #US103 Josh Collmenter

Collmenter had a great rookie season, but he had trouble last year and was demoted from starter to long relief. If I were the type of guy who played fantasy baseball, I would pick him up this year just because he was the last card that completed a set.

My 2011 Topps set is housed in a 1,000-count box. There's more than enough wiggle room for 990 cards, since the plasticized modern cards are thinner than the card stock ones most of us grew up on. Still, it feels good to close the book on this one.

I'm still going hard on 2011 inserts, but those are going in a pretty slick looking binder.

I've be updated my most wanted list since the Collmenter was on it. Check it out, maybe you have what I need and we can make a trade.


BaseSetCalling said...

I won't be home to where my cards live until mid-April, but I have plenty of 2011 inserts that I won't want. I do want to finish History of Topps, Before There Was Topps, and Cards Your Mom Threw Out.

I need a half-dozen to a dozen or so cards from each series.

So I hope I can remember this and get back to you then...

unclemoe said...

Good job with finishing off the set. Nice Collmenter too!