Friday, March 29, 2013

My Spring Group Break Cards Have Been to Hell and Back

The cards are not here yet, but should be arriving soon. I was a little worried for a stretch there, and here's why.

USPS tracking indicated that the cards originated in Latrobe, PA, former home of Rolling Rock beer. From there, the package was shipped to Warrendale, PA, probably a local-to-regional branch situation. Sounds good so far.

From there, the journey takes its first strange turn. The cards' next destination is Capitol Heights, MD. Seems like the wrong direction to me, but maybe there's some sort of system whereby all Pennsylvania packages are funneled through Maryland.

Finally, the cards make one last crazy turn as they head to Greensboro, North-Freaking-Carolina. (WTF?) It was at this point where I began to think these cards were running from their problems instead of facing them head-on. Everything again became right with the world when I checked and noticed that the cards were sitting safely in Illinois. I'm guessing they'll be arriving early next week, with a very slight possibility that they'll show up tomorrow.

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Chris Reed said...

That's the PA mail system for you. I ended up with two mail deliveries today. (at least I got my mail today)