Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pull the Trigger 3.0

Alright, now that the last lot has been claimed, it's time for a new one. For this lot I'm asking $100.00. If you're new to the concept, here's how it works. The lot has a fixed price. If no one claims the lot after some time, I will add another card or lot of cards to it. You can pull the trigger for the asking price at any time, or you can wait to see what gets added, taking the risk, of course, that someone snatches it from under your nose.
Here's the first item.

2001 Pacific Cramer's Choice Die-Cut #3 Emmitt Smith (79/99)

This is a tough, tough card to get. I've opened several boxes of this product in an attempt to build the set (the reason for this being that I bought some of these back when I was a lowly student teacher, one of the rare times I bought cards between 1994-2007), and this is the only one I've ever pulled. I've tried to sell it on eBay, but no takers yet. Emmitt Smith players collectors are rabid, so I think you could get rid of it in a hurry if you wanted. I just wasn't willing to start a $.99 auction and get only ten bucks for it.

If you want to pull the trigger on this and pay $100 for it, be my guest. Otherwise, stick around to see what else gets added.

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