Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pull the Trigger 3.1

Sorry I let the first card languish like that. I really want to get rid of that Cowboy, so I'll be adding new stuff more regularly in order to move the lot. Added today...
Jay Bruce Lot

This lot includes:
2005 Topps U&H #UH325 Gold Parallel (0164/2005)
2011 Topps Marquee Patch card (140/199)
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Black Mini Parallel #55 (This one is especially hard to find, as these come only one per box.)

Pull the trigger for $100.00, and you get the Bruce cards, plus:
2001 Pacific Cramer's Choice Die-Cut #3 Emmitt Smith (79/99)

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