Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pull the Trigger 3.8

A fixed-price lot is a lot more fun if there's some mystery involved, right? A new addition to the pile:

Lot of 32 1980 Topps Cards

Was there a purer time than that which surrounded the release of 1980 Topps? The brand was like a young child, the center of her parents' universe, blissfully unaware that her mother was pregnant with twins. Take a chance, rediscover your youth, and pull the trigger on this lot for $100.00. You get the '80 Topps lot, and everything seen below.

Lot of 21 1986, 1987, & 1988 Topps Minis

2008 Donruss Sports Legends #34 Bill Gadsby AUTO (247/564)

2009 Topps Unique Magglio Ordonez Patch (40/99)

Lot of 3 1993 Topps Gold Parallels

Lot of 300+ 1994 Upper Deck World Cup Cards

Lot of 7 1978 Topps Cards

Jay Bruce Lot

2001 Pacific Cramer's Choice Die-Cut #3 Emmitt Smith (79/99)

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