Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Group Break - AL West

It's time to start to reveal the some of the contents of the group break lot. I've decided to include every card that came out of the box, even those from junk wax sets. I've come to realize that one man's junk wax might be another man's treasure, even if it's a pile of many many 1993 Upper Deck David Cone cards (when he was with the Royals, for goodness sake).

We'll be starting with the American League West, as this division officially welcomed its newest member last night. For each team, I'll be revealing what I consider to be the best card of that team, as well as any players whom the previous owner went "whole hog" on. By this I mean that there seems to have been some mid-1990s prospecting going on, and this guy was committed, even with players who sort of fizzled out early in their careers and bounced around from team to team. I think you'll get the point.

Team: Astros
Buyer: Thorzul
Whole Hog: Richard Hidalgo, Brian L. Hunter
Best Card: 1996 Bowman's Best #162 Carlos Guillen

Not a bad rookie card, this one beats out a couple of Lance Berkman Prospects cards because of shininess.

Team: Angels
Buyer: BS
Whole Hog: No one sticks out
Best Card: (?) 2000 Upper Deck Ovation #1 Mo Vaughn

Kind of a disappointing group of cards, but the volume of some others teams claimed by BS will make up for it.

Team: Athletics
Buyer: Thorzul
Whole Hog: There's 5 of 6 Ben Grieve cards, but this doesn't really count.
Best Card: 1999 Fleer Tradition #577 Eric Chavez Franchise Futures

A good-looking subset.

Team: Rangers
Buyer: Play at the Plate
Whole Hog: 30+ Kevin Brown Cards
Best Card: 2011 Topps Chrome #69 Michael Young Purple Refractor (300/499)

A stack of 1990 Donruss Dean Palmers puts up a good fight, but Young wins out.

Team: Mariners
Buyer: Nick
Whole Hog: Raul Ibanez
Best Card: 2009 Upper Deck #855 Ken Griffey, Jr. (SP)

When opening the repack packs, I had no idea how good of a card this is. Some research turned up that in the 2009 set, Upper Deck produced 20 different versions of Griffey's card #855, with none rarer than the rest. This appears to be the 2008 version. I turned up one of these currently selling on eBay for about $25. Great pull, Nick!

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