Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Group Break - NL Central

America's favorite baseball division is up next. Let's see what they got.

Team: Cubs
Buyer: P-Town Tom
Whole Hog: Brooks Kieschnick
Best Card: 1993 Upper Deck #483 Ivy Leaguers

Unless Tom's a Kieschnick fan, this lot isn't going to wow him. The back of this card uses the phrase "tricky winds," so it gets top billing.

Team: Cardinals
Buyer: madding
Whole Hog: Ray Lankford
Best Card: 2000 Fleer Tradition Who to Watch Die-Cut #15WW Adam Kennedy

"He's expected to be a .300 hitter," says the back of this card. Adam did just that, for the Angels, in '02 and '05. Will he play in 2013? Probably not.

Team: Brewers
Buyer: Erich
Whole Hog: Greg Vaughn, John Jaha
Best Card: 1994 Upper Deck #445 Greg Vaughn Electric Diamond Parallel

A true Brewer fan will recognize the background of this card as County Stadium's left field bleachers, where Vaughn roamed for several seasons. Shirtlessness was the norm in this enclave.

Team: Pirates
Buyer: Thorzul
Whole Hog: Nobody
Best Card: 2011 Topps Chrome #8 Andrew McCutchen

Cutch? Yup.

Team: Reds
Buyer: Thorzul
Whole Hog: Paul O'Neil, Reggie Sanders
Best Card: 1997 Upper Deck #46 Reggie Sanders

This card is awesome because of the presence of Bip Roberts. Sanders is larger Bip physically, but Bip's innate virtues dwarf Sanders by comparison.

Up Next: NL west


P-town Tom said...

Kieschnick played all of 64 games for the Cubs. I'm prepared to take on the whole hog. How bad could it be?


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