Friday, April 26, 2013

Thorzul's Card Draft: Now Open!

Today I'd like to introduce the inaugural edition of the Thorzul Card Draft. Instead of a standard group break, cheapie or otherwise, I'm going to be holding a card draft. I have lots of leftovers from some past group breaks, and I've picked up a few more lots of cards. This break is going to have patch cards, jersey cards, autograph cards, star cards, inserts, parallels, unopened packs, and most importantly, no junk. Each participant is going to walk away with 20 cards from the pile. Let me give you a preview of a small portion of what's going to be up for grabs:

Every card you see in this picture is going to be part of the draft. There are 68 jersey or patch cards pictured here, and there will be 300 cards to choose from in all. The vast majority will be baseball cards, but there will be some other stuff thrown in as well.

The draft will not be taking place live, and it will most likely not take place all in one sitting. Participants will send me a card ranking list, and then I will work out the draft, serpentine style. (To illustrate, in this 15-member draft, the person randomly assigned the first pick will not choose until the 30th pick, and the person with the 15th pick gets the 16th as well.)

While I am waiting for more cards to arrive and selecting some others, you can still claim one of the coveted spots. As I've stated, this card draft will be limited to 15 participants, with each participant getting 20 cards. The entrance cost will be $25. Individuals may claim and pay for as many spots as they wish. As soon as your spot is confirmed, please send payment to:
Please remember to include your screen name and address with payment.

All cards that are part of the draft will be named and pictured, and then participants will be given instructions on choosing picks along with a deadline.

As the weekend goes on, I will be adding more pictures of cards that will be part of the draft. As a reward to early adopters, you may claim your spot or spots for only $24 apiece until the next batch of cards is revealed. One that happens, the price goes back up to $25. This should be fun, and everyone should end up with a nice pile of cards.

Card Draft Spots
1. Kevin (paid)
2. daddyohoho (paid)
3. The Diamond King (paid)
4. Pat (paid)
5. Hank C (paid)
6. BS (paid)
7. AdamE (paid)
8. madding (paid)
9. Mark (paid)
10. Chris Mays (paid)
11. Motherscratcher (paid)


Kevin said...

Deal me in, T.

daddyohoho said...

I would like a spot please.


The Diamond King said...

I'd like in please!

AdamE said...

I would like in only I'm going to send you cash because my wife can see my paypal account but she can't see my cash account. I have your address somewhere and I'll mail it Monday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. I'm in for one slot.


madding said...

Put me down for a spot. I'll send my payment tomorrow.

Mark said...

I'm game. This will be my first card draft. Will paypal when my spot is confirmed.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Looks like fun. I miss you guys. Peace.

Chris Mays said...

I'm in! Money on the way ...

AdamE said...

FYI your cash went out in the mail a couple days ago. I wrapped it around a Brewer you may or may not already have.

Hopefully there are some Red Sox in this thing because I haven't seen any in the scans...