Friday, May 3, 2013

Card Draft Order

This morning I randomized the names of all the participants in the draft. Here's the sign-up list before randomization...

...and here it is after the 3x randomization.

The first two rounds of the draft will look like this:
1. Hank C
2. Mark
3. Kevin
4. Pat
5. madding
6. The Diamond King
7. Motherscratcher
8. BS
9. daddyohoho
10. Chris Mays
11. AdamE
12. AdamE
13. Chris Mays
14. daddyohoho
15. BS
16. Motherscratcher
17. The Diamond King
18. madding
19. Pat
20. Kevin
21. Mark.
22. Hank C

And then it just repeats.

There you have it. Remember to send me your first 20 picks by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, and we'll start to see the results early next week.

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