Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Card Draft Results (If You Want 'Em)

This morning I got a message from draft participant Pat asking when I'd be posting the full draft results. I told him he was welcome to get a look at what he was able to get in the draft. I realize that some people like surprises, so I'm leaving it up to each person. If you want to see a post about what you got before you get the cards in the mail, let me know by tomorrow night. Otherwise, I'll just be getting everything ready to mail this weekend.

Pat's top half of the draft:
Very Tigers-centric, a strategy that worked out very well. People that kind of stuck to one team tended to get more of their higher picks than others who just went after the hits.

Pat's bottom half of the draft:
Sure, not as flashy, but there's quality there.

For anyone curious, here's one of my draft sheets. I printed out everyone's selections, marked what each person got and then crossed off that card if it was on anyone else's list. Getting your first five picks like this is not too shabby.

So, if you were in the draft and want to know who you got before the cards are in your hands, let me know.

1 comment:

Chris Mays said...

I'm happy to be surprised!

I hope everyone got what they wanted ... unless they wanted what I wanted.