Monday, May 6, 2013

Thorzul's Card Draft: Round 1

Here's how the first round of the card draft went, without commentary. Please add your own.

1. Hank C

2. Mark

3. Kevin

4. Pat

5. madding

6. The Diamond King

7. Motherscratcher

8. BS

9. daddyohoho

10. Chris Mays

11. AdamE

Who got the steal of the first round, who overpaid, and who went all-out Jets Mode?


The Diamond King said...

All good picks, in my opinion.

I predict that the first non-hit will go in the next 6 picks! How's that for a reach (all out Jets mode!)???

madding said...

Things like this make me wish I liked baseball cards more, and not baseball cards that happen to have St. Louis Cardinals on them.

From a purely objective standpoint, I think the Kirk Gibson card is the highlight of Round 1.

bigbern28 said...

wow, this is great!

Mad Guru said...

I second Madding with the comment on wishing I liked cards more. The draft seemed like a fun thing but then I wondered what on earth I would do with them once I had them.

The Maddux is a steal with pick number 10. Can't wait to see who Chris Mays gets on the way back.