Monday, May 6, 2013

Thorzul's Card Draft: Round 2

I'm happy to announce that the second round played out exactly like the first, with everyone getting their second choice. I'm guessing this is a statistical anomaly, like a room with more than 30 people on it where no one shares a birthday, but it was a pleasant surprise. I'm going to show off who got what in this round, but this is probably the last time I'm going to post a round. Most of the rest of the cards you get are going to be a surprise.

12. AdamE

13. Chris Mays

14. daddyohoho

15. BS

16. Motherscratcher

17. The Diamond King

18. madding

19. Pat

20. Kevin

21. Mark

22. Hank C.

*The ballsiest pick has to be Motherscratcher's. Lots of people had Posey in later rounds, thinking they could sneak him into their pile, but Moscratch yanked the rug out from under them.
*Pat doubles up on Trammell. Nice.
*Coolest card of the round has to be the Oliva. This pick stepped on a few toes as well.
*Chris Mays has taken the Braves in many a Thorzul break. Glad to see he got an Upton, albeit in enemy colors.

Good luck going forward in the draft, everyone!


Kevin said...

Yeah, I had Posey and Oliva in later rounds. But I'm thrilled to get my Top Two.

Motherscratcher said...

Yeah, Posey! I knew I was overdrafting him but the dude is awesome. Hold on while I check the Beckett value!! Plus, look how damn SHINY that sumbitch is!

I'm also going to assume that the Canseco rookie is mine as well. Haha you suckas! I just checked the October 1990 Beckett and that card is worth $125 with an up arrow!* Probably worth a few thousand by now.

*This is true. I did. It was