Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2013 Card Show Report: Part II

I went to this card show with the want list that exists only in my head. I sniffed out the deals, bought in bulk, and got some nice discounts.

One of the first tables I visited was vintage-only. The dealer had some cheap cards sitting in a tiny discount box, but he seemed real friendly and brought out his '59 Topps binder upon request, everything in it $2 a pop. So...
1959 Topps #166 Destruction Crew, #156 Ace Hurlers, #17 Danny's All Stars

Yep, when you can get the duos and trios cards in this set for two bucks each, you jump on it. The Destruction Crew was also in the cheapo box for $6 in only slightly better condition than this one.

1959 Topps #248 Boston, #223 St. Louis

The "jump on it" applies to team cards of widely beloved teams as well. Sure, there's a big "x" on the Sox card, and the check boxes on the backs of both are marked in pencil, but for me it adds to the charm. It's fun to know that someone out there once had a Berra, but no Haddix.

1972 Topps #648 Jim Lyttle

Someone tell me, is this considered a high number for the '72 set? Maybe semi-high? It appears in Series 5 (out of 6). For a dollar, though, I'll take it no matter what.

1972 Topps #642 Denny Riddleberger

To get "Riddlebergered" is to succumb to a specific humiliating, yet consensual, sexual act. (And no, I will not go any further than that.)

1972 Topps Lot

Got these in a dime box. Could have pulled for days, but money and time were running out, so I stocked up on Brewers, mostly.

1958 Topps #322 Harding Peterson

Not a set I'm actively collecting, but I liked this one for the name. Sounds like a silver spoon-type dealie, and that font isn't doing him any favors.

Finally, some '59s out of a 6-for-$5 box. Going from memory I did pretty well.
#342 Ray Jablonski

"Heywood Jablonski" almost works with the joke, but not quite.

#449 Tom Gorman

#398 Wally Post

The idea of the highest home run total team winning and lusting over a big trophy makes me giggle, quaintly.

#502 Al Dark

#405 Roy McMillan

#266 Woody Held

Had to go with the all-time classic name, but it turned out I already had it. Come to think of it, Held will most likely appear in the June Card Draft.

Coming up: Part III - The Buy of the Show


dayf said...

1972 5th series are semi-high. They're tough but not *that* tough if you know what I mean. I've found 'em in quarter boxes before.
Anything over card #657... those are the real motherfuckers.

I need to get to a show with a dime box one of these years.

Bo said...

Harding "Pete" Peterson was a long time general manager after his playing career.

AdamE said...

Any chance you are working on a 59 set? If so check this link: