Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 2013 Card Show Report: Part III

At last, the final installment about my most recent card show trip. I saved the best stuff for last.

Lot of 6 1959 Topps Milwaukee Braves
I went a little Braves crazy here, pulling cards out of a binder indiscriminately. One of these I already had. It will show up in the next Card Draft (which you can sign up for here).

1956 Topps #171 Jim Wilson
Bad headshot, great action shot. This looks like it's supposed to be Wilson covering first on some sort of crazy infield play that ends with him snagging an errant throw. If that's the intent, cool.

A couple of dollar box '54s coming up.
1954 Topps #49 Ray Murray
My daughter correctly identified the elephant on this card.

1954 Topps #73 Wayne Terwilliger
She also got the "W" on this one. It used to be "diddy-boo" when she was first learning her letters, but she's got it down by this point.

1971-72 Topps #233 Red Robbins
Like I said before, I had no want list with me, but I grabbed this because I was sure my memory would have stored a card with a guy like this and a name like this. Good job, brain, I needed this one for my set.
Oh, and there's this:

Lastly, I'll show off my steal of the show. I was eyeing a pile of '59s offered by a notoriously fussy dealer. He had, surprisingly, some well-labeled stars from the set in somewhat off condition. Not to be bothered by such things, I returned to his table right before leaving the show and plunked down a Lincoln for this:
1959 Topps #317 N.L. Hitting Kings
Eighty bucks, my ass. Still, I feel real good paying $5 for this specimen. Corners are shot, centering is atrocious, but you can't get this card for that cheap online in any condition. The only Mays card I need for the set is his Baseball Thirlls card. Feels good. Feels real good.

That's it for my show report, hopefully I make it to another one this summer.

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Hackenbush said...

Great stuff. Of course the Mays but I like the Terwilliger too. Good thing your daughter didn't say the W means Cubs win. (there's a cute father-daughter commerical for the Cubs like that).