Monday, June 10, 2013

Thorzul's June Card Draft, Now Open!

The first go-around of Thorzul's Card Draft went great. As I was conducting it, however, I was taking mental notes on how to make the next one less labor intensive. This next one will be smaller and cost less, but should be just as fun.

To start, here's the first pic of the cards that will be available. I've been picking up lots of cards here and there just for the draft. It probably won't be quite as top-heavy as the first one, and a greater emphasis will be placed on pre-1980 cards.

For the June draft, I'm going to limit participation to ten spots, and there will only be ten rounds in the draft. The cost will only be $18.00 this time around, less than the price of a blaster full of disappointment. Make sure you will be available this week or next week to submit your draft picks.
Draft payment can be sent to:

If you want in on this draft, leave a comment AND SEND IMMEDIATE PAYMENT FOR YOUR SPOT. I'm not going to be holding spots for days and days, so make sure you're ready to pay the entry fee before you sign up.

Also, please INCLUDE ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION IN YOUR PAYMENT. This includes your screen name, real name, and mailing address. It's way easier to just look at the current payment than search through old emails to try to scare up an address.

One more thing: USA mailing addresses only. Sorry, but postage has gotten ridiculous.

1. Nick (paid)
2. BS (paid)
3. madding (paid)

Once the draft is full, the draft order will be randomized. As it was last time, this will be a serpentine draft. Stay tuned, I will probably be posting more pics of eligible cards soon.


Nick said...

I didn't try the last one but I'll give it a shot this time around. Payment sent.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. The first one was pretty research intensive, but it was worth it.


madding said...

I'm signing up again.

Alex Stuarts said...

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