Thursday, July 4, 2013

Completion!: An Odd Way to Build a Set Edition

In one of the big lots of cards I've bought for myself in the past (probably a few years ago now), there was a nearly-complete set of 1986 Fleer Update. Just the key cards were missing, and within the past year I've acquired the Bonds and the Canseco. Last week I decided to pull the COMC trigger and pick up the last three cards needed, Ruben Sierra, John Kruk, and Will Clark.

I'm guessing most people would collect a set like this all at once. Not me. As a guy who shaves while showering, and who holds a pencil with both index and middle fingers on top, the regular old way isn't always for me. Minus the fancy little box the set comes in, I decided to make a display-worthy binder cover.

Not bad for a few minutes with Google Docs and a half-inch Avery, eh?

Here's some more card content, a picture of my favorite page in the set. We've got Billy Jo Robidoux, the Roenicke brothers, a Quinones/Quinonez not-quite-related combo, and, of course, a Bip Roberts rookie. Good stuff!


Matt said...

One year I went ahead and bought the Topps Series I set at my LCS. Just wasn't the same as putting it together myself.

Steve F. said...

I didn't realize shaving while showering and holding a pencil with both index and middle fingers on top were unusual--I do both myself. (Although now that I think about it, I did have teachers try to cure me of the latter.)

But I did exactly what you did for the 1973 Topps set in about Ex-MT condition: I convinced a dealer back in the early 1990s to sell me the whole set less the Schmidt rookie for $100, arguing that the whole set booked for, IIRC, $500 but the Schmidt rookie was $400 of that. Amazingly he agreed to do it. A few years ago I got the Schmidt rookie in a badly listed eBay auction for about $35.