Saturday, August 31, 2013

Been a Long Time: Perverted Pack Break #2

It's been more than two years since a pack got me this excited.

Retro Break: The Early 1970s

Today we begin to leave the blandness of late-'60s set design behind and enter the Me Decade.

1970 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 2
#438 Pat Jarvis - Braves (Chris Mays)

#437 Danny Cater - Yankees (BS)

It took a while, but we've finally got our first Yankee. Not a legend by any means, though.

1971 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 4
#598 Rick Wise - Phillies (BS)

#12 Johnny Callison - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#175 Jim Hickman - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#227 Floyd Weaver - White Sox (JediJeff)

Hey Floyd, you got a hole in your shirt!

1972 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 6
Claimed Cards: 3
#380 Earl Williams - Braves (Chris Mays)

Always good to see the Rookie Cup.
#318 Sonny Jackson - Braves (Chris Mays)

#45 Glenn Beckert - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

1973 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 6
#82 Frist Peterson - Yankees (BS)

Yup, the wife-swapping Fritz Peterson.
#111 Dave Nelson - Rangers (Play at the Plate)

This was the second year the players appeared as Rangers on cards, and it's our first Ranger. This card exhibits classic '73 Topps photography, with the player featured on the card being displayed least prominently. Davey is well known in Milwaukee as part of the FSW broadcast team for televised Brewers games.
#73 Ed Herrmann - White Sox (JediJeff)

#70 Milt Pappas - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#126 Jim Brewer - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

#79 Jim Willoughby - Giants (BS)

1974 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 0

There were a couple of Hall of Famers who went unclaimed in this bunch. This will probably be the final post where I show the cards individually, as there are going to be too many. Instead, I will group them by team.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Retro Break: The Late 1960s

Now onto the half of the decade that you were less likely to remember if you were there.

1965 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 3
Claimed Cards: 2
#496 Joe Cunningham - Senators (Play at the Plate)

#498 Gene Stephens - White Sox (JediJeff)

Happy that the condition of these is consistently getting better as we move forward in time.

1966 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 0
You're not missing much, just a couple of commons from a blah design set.

1967 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 1
#456 Phil Neikro - Braves (Chris Mays)

How about that! One card from this year and it turns out to be a great one. This is Niekro's fourth Topps card.

1968 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 3
#259 Ken Boyer - White Sox (JediJeff)

Jeez, 11-time All-Star, 1964 NL MVP, and five Gold Gloves! Boyer's stats, however, don't quite push him over the HOF hump.
#284 John Briggs - Phillies (BS)

Ambitious enough to become a Milwaukee Brewer.
#281 Jim Campanis - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

There's our first Dodger. Jim is the son of Al, who achieved more notoriety.

1969 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 2
#369 Bob Skinner - Phillies (BS)

Managers from this era usually look impossibly old to me, but Bob here still looks like a capable ballplayer.
#372 Adolfo Phillips - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

The cartoon on the back has each of the three home run balls Adolfo hit on June 11, 1967 saying, "Bye-bye!"

Let me close by saying this: If you were thinking about claiming the Tigers in this break, you may kick yourself now. There have been some good ones from earlier years, but nothing has topped the '69 Al Kaline that showed up in this lot.

Oh, and if you were thinking about claiming the Astros/Colt .45s, don't kick yourself, we've only gotten one so far.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Retro Break: The Early 1960s

Shorter skirts, longer hair, and more cards... the 1960s were far out, maaaaaaan.

1960 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
One and done. Sorry, guys.

1961 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
Same thing.

1962 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
This is getting ridiculous. Bad luck, I guess.

1963 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 3
Claimed Cards: 1
#212 Glen Hobbie - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)


1964 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 4
#96 Bob Buhl - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)

Former Milwaukee Brave crosses the border to stay in the National League.
#396 Dennis Bennett - Phillies (by BS)

Hometown listed as Yreka, Cal.
#397 Chuck Cottier - Senators (Play at the Plate)

#204 Matty Alou - Giants (by BS)

And it wouldn't be the '60s without an Alou emerging.

Well, it was good to see Play at the Plate get on the board. Not so much star power for this round, but I promise that things will improve at least a little bit as we head into 1965-69.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Retro Break: The 1950s

Let's get started! The group break cards have arrived and I finally have a moment to myself. We're going to start with the oldest cards pulled from the lot. I should warn you that my scanner was cutting some of the borders off of these, and the cards the breakers will be receiving are often more complete than they appear here.

1951 Bowman
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 1
#147 Ken Hinetzelman - Phillies (by BS)

Big crease, plenty of wear, but otherwise presentable.

1952 Bowman
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 3
#12 Max Surkont - Braves (by Chris Mays)

#49 Jim Hearn - Giants (by BS)

#22 Willard Ramsdell - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)

The Ramsdell is probably the most beat-up card in the lot, but man, that Jim Hearn is in outstanding shape! Surkont is a guy I've never heard of, but I'm guessing Chris will like it.

1954 Bowman
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
Sorry, no one picked this team.

1955 Bowman
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 3
#1 Hoyt Wilhelm - Giants (by BS)

Man, BS is killing it so far! I'm guessing the Wilhelm has historically suffered from the first-card-in-the-set fate shared by other cards that got worn out sitting at the top of a rubber-banded stack, but this one looks pretty damn good to me.
#171 Robin Roberts - Phillies (by BS)

Wow, another big name. Acceptable condition, too.
#85 Cass Michaels - White Sox (by JediJeff)

Alright, another breaker gets in on the action.

1959 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 1
#130 Lou Jackson - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)

Tom picks up the only card from this set to appear in the lot. I think it's one I need for my '59 set, but these rookie stars are pretty easy to find on the cheap, and I'm sure one will come my way eventually.

Looks like Play at the Plate is the only one to get '50 skunked, but I can say with confidence that he will not suffer the same fate in the 1960s.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Call for Thorzul's Retro Break

I received the cards over the weekend and I'm ready to show off the spoils. If you want to get in on this break, you can see what teams are left and claim your spot here. I also need someone to pay for the Rangers. You know who you are.

I think that the way I'll be showing the cards will be decade-by-decade, starting with the 1950s and moving into the '80s. Some of the people in this break are getting some nice '50s Bowman stuff, and they only have to wait until tomorrow to see the results.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pack Break: 1984 Topps Nestle

21 Steve Carlton

2 Lou Whitaker

8 Lance Parrish

Header Card

This pack really took me back to a very distinct memory I have of sorting cards in my basement. At a very early age, I had constructed one of the first Frankensets. I can remember the George Brett card sitting on the top of the stack, its #3 being the lowest numbered card I owned at the time. For some reason, the 1981 Topps Dave Kingman gave me the creeps.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thorzul's Retro Break is Open!

The last group break I tried (actually a group draft) was a swing and a miss. This time, however, I think it will be more popular among collectors. This retro break will be a lot of 500 cards I recently picked up that stretches form the early 1950s and doesn't go past 1983. I've been able to peek at only a fraction of the contents, and so far I can attest that there will be vintage (pre-1980) cards of at least a few Hall of Famers. Pricing is based on team popularity and possibility of good cards.

Also, in case your team doesn't hit it big, I will be including a serial numbered card from my own collection for every team claimed.

If you want in on this break, claim your team(s) in the comments, then send your PayPal payment to:

Please make sure to include your screen name and mailing address as a note with payment, it just makes things a million times easier when it's time to ship the cards.

Brewers/Pilots $15
Orioles $20
Red Sox $20
Tigers $20
Yankees $25 - BS (paid)
Indians $18
Blue Jays $10
Angels $18
Royals $15
White Sox $20 - JediJeff (paid)
Mariners $10
Athletics $18
Rangers/Senators '61-'71 $12 - Play at the Plate (paid)
Twins/Nationals/Senators Pre-'61 $20
Cardinals $25
Phillies $24 - BS (paid)
Expos $15
Pirates $20
Cubs $20 - P-town Tom (paid)
Mets $20
Braves $25 - Chris Mays (paid)
Dodgers $22 - Play at the Plate (paid)
Giants $22 - BS (paid)
Padres $15
Astros/Colt .45s $15
Reds $25

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Thorzul's $5.00 Challenge: The Winners

The voting ended last night, and Thorzul's $5.00 Challenge ended with two runaway victories.
The title of "Best $5.00 Purchase" goes to David at Tribe Cards

And overwhelmingly, readers picked Chris Rasmussen's Don Mattingly as the "Worst $5.00 Purchase."

Gentlemen, I will be in contact with you both about claiming your winnings.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blasty O'Gint and the Little People

Yesterday I went out for baby wipes and TP and came back with a blaster of 2013 Allen & Ginter. In general, I either go crazy on this set each year or I stop at one blaster. It looks like this is going to be a one-and-done year, so I need to enjoy these packs to the fullest.

I'll show off the entire contents of the first pack, then cover the highlights.

First 2013 Allen & Ginter card: JESUS
That's a pretty good omen, man.

Two more base cards: #43 Hunter Pence, #225 David Wright

First Insert: Curious Cases - HAARP
I enjoy this insert set muchly. UVB-76 really caught my eye from the checklist, but the rest seem to have a cool Unsolved Mysteries vibe.

First Mini: #170 Hanley Ramirez

Last Card of the First Pack: Adrian Gonzalez - Across the Years
The card backs of this insert are really cool, but they reveal that the name of the set it all wrong. This insert set should be called something like, "On the Day You Were Born…" The shared birthdays list is really neat, and so is the birth date factoid.

Got four SPs

Got steeped in history

Got some horizontal inserts
If A&G were a CCG, I'd imagine the sun to be a pretty powerful card.

Got more birthdays

And finally, my favorite part of any Ginter opening, the minis:
Regular Backs

A&G Backs

America's Greatest Ex-President

My final mini card will remain hidden for a period of time. I'm not opening much wax this year, and this one has an outside shot at making my top pulls of 2013 list.

I have to say I had a lot of fun opening these packs. I sensed that Topps deliberately went in the direction of including more awesome retired players in this set. In this small sample size, I got Ruth, Rickey, Brooks, Rice, Strawberry, Jackie Robinson, Gwynn, Slaughter, Big Hurt, and Teddy Ballgame. I'm sure there are more, plus my boy Robin Yount made it into a Ginter set for the first time. I'm liking what I'm seeing, especially since the pressure's off to complete the set. Opening cards for fun... what a novel concept.