Friday, August 16, 2013

Blasty O'Gint and the Little People

Yesterday I went out for baby wipes and TP and came back with a blaster of 2013 Allen & Ginter. In general, I either go crazy on this set each year or I stop at one blaster. It looks like this is going to be a one-and-done year, so I need to enjoy these packs to the fullest.

I'll show off the entire contents of the first pack, then cover the highlights.

First 2013 Allen & Ginter card: JESUS
That's a pretty good omen, man.

Two more base cards: #43 Hunter Pence, #225 David Wright

First Insert: Curious Cases - HAARP
I enjoy this insert set muchly. UVB-76 really caught my eye from the checklist, but the rest seem to have a cool Unsolved Mysteries vibe.

First Mini: #170 Hanley Ramirez

Last Card of the First Pack: Adrian Gonzalez - Across the Years
The card backs of this insert are really cool, but they reveal that the name of the set it all wrong. This insert set should be called something like, "On the Day You Were Born…" The shared birthdays list is really neat, and so is the birth date factoid.

Got four SPs

Got steeped in history

Got some horizontal inserts
If A&G were a CCG, I'd imagine the sun to be a pretty powerful card.

Got more birthdays

And finally, my favorite part of any Ginter opening, the minis:
Regular Backs

A&G Backs

America's Greatest Ex-President

My final mini card will remain hidden for a period of time. I'm not opening much wax this year, and this one has an outside shot at making my top pulls of 2013 list.

I have to say I had a lot of fun opening these packs. I sensed that Topps deliberately went in the direction of including more awesome retired players in this set. In this small sample size, I got Ruth, Rickey, Brooks, Rice, Strawberry, Jackie Robinson, Gwynn, Slaughter, Big Hurt, and Teddy Ballgame. I'm sure there are more, plus my boy Robin Yount made it into a Ginter set for the first time. I'm liking what I'm seeing, especially since the pressure's off to complete the set. Opening cards for fun... what a novel concept.

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