Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Completion!: Norrin Radd Edition

Of all my collections, the most neglected one is my comic book collection. I stopped buying new comics about five years ago. I think that was the point where the average cover price went above $3.00. If it hadn't been then, then it most assuredly would have been the DC reboot of 2011.

I suppose my comics get third class status because they're what I developed an affinity for the latest in life. It started my freshman year in college, 1997. I was heading back to my dorm after class and I spotted what looked like hard, American currency lying the the gutter. Sure enough, it was a five-dollar bill. Later that day, I headed over to Pic-a-Book. This was a State Street two-level bookstore: Mass market stuff and porn on the first level, comics in the basement. My five dollars bought me a couple of Green Lantern comics (#92 and #93, I believe) and brought a smile to my face. Soon, I was hitting the store every week, buying the newest Green Lantern, JLA, and Silver Surfer comics. I searched for back issues at used book stores, rifled through the backstock at comic shops, and gave myself an education about what I'd been missing in the world of comics. I mostly stuck to DC, but gave Marvel a chance once in a while, too.

I began buying Silver Surfer monthlies early in 1998, with the first issue being a Thing/SS team-up in issue #138. There weren't really any hints out there about how short-lived this dalliance was going to be, but this volume published its final issue with #146. Throughout the years, I worked my way back, trying to collect the whole series back to its beginning in 1987. Recently, I found the last issue needed.

Silver Surfer #108 (Vol. 3, Sep. 1995)

Great cover! Very satisfying to see the Surfer blasting the shit out of Dr. Doom with the Power Cosmic. Now I have to find the time to go back and read from the beginning. At some point, I'll be hitting some Infinity Gauntlet/Crusade crossovers. Not sure how to handle those, but I might need to go deeper into the universe. For the moment, though, completion feels good.


Scott Crawford said...

Cool run to have all of. Silver Surfer was a lot of fun back then.

Fuji said...

Huge fan of comic book cover art and this cover is awesome! Guess you saved the best for last.

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