Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Retro Break: The Early 1960s

Shorter skirts, longer hair, and more cards... the 1960s were far out, maaaaaaan.

1960 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
One and done. Sorry, guys.

1961 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
Same thing.

1962 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 1
Claimed Cards: 0
This is getting ridiculous. Bad luck, I guess.

1963 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 3
Claimed Cards: 1
#212 Glen Hobbie - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)


1964 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 4
#96 Bob Buhl - Cubs (by P-Town Tom)

Former Milwaukee Brave crosses the border to stay in the National League.
#396 Dennis Bennett - Phillies (by BS)

Hometown listed as Yreka, Cal.
#397 Chuck Cottier - Senators (Play at the Plate)

#204 Matty Alou - Giants (by BS)

And it wouldn't be the '60s without an Alou emerging.

Well, it was good to see Play at the Plate get on the board. Not so much star power for this round, but I promise that things will improve at least a little bit as we head into 1965-69.


Play at the Plate said...

Welcome back Cottier. Now where are all the Dodgers!?

Chris said...

I am really regretting not grabbing the Astros/Colt .45s. We are missing out on seeing so many cards, and who knows what they might be? What if we never find out?

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