Saturday, August 31, 2013

Retro Break: The Early 1970s

Today we begin to leave the blandness of late-'60s set design behind and enter the Me Decade.

1970 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 2
#438 Pat Jarvis - Braves (Chris Mays)

#437 Danny Cater - Yankees (BS)

It took a while, but we've finally got our first Yankee. Not a legend by any means, though.

1971 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 4
#598 Rick Wise - Phillies (BS)

#12 Johnny Callison - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#175 Jim Hickman - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#227 Floyd Weaver - White Sox (JediJeff)

Hey Floyd, you got a hole in your shirt!

1972 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 6
Claimed Cards: 3
#380 Earl Williams - Braves (Chris Mays)

Always good to see the Rookie Cup.
#318 Sonny Jackson - Braves (Chris Mays)

#45 Glenn Beckert - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

1973 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 6
#82 Frist Peterson - Yankees (BS)

Yup, the wife-swapping Fritz Peterson.
#111 Dave Nelson - Rangers (Play at the Plate)

This was the second year the players appeared as Rangers on cards, and it's our first Ranger. This card exhibits classic '73 Topps photography, with the player featured on the card being displayed least prominently. Davey is well known in Milwaukee as part of the FSW broadcast team for televised Brewers games.
#73 Ed Herrmann - White Sox (JediJeff)

#70 Milt Pappas - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

#126 Jim Brewer - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

#79 Jim Willoughby - Giants (BS)

1974 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 0

There were a couple of Hall of Famers who went unclaimed in this bunch. This will probably be the final post where I show the cards individually, as there are going to be too many. Instead, I will group them by team.

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P-town Tom said...

Sweet! A new Beckert for my collection!