Friday, August 30, 2013

Retro Break: The Late 1960s

Now onto the half of the decade that you were less likely to remember if you were there.

1965 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 3
Claimed Cards: 2
#496 Joe Cunningham - Senators (Play at the Plate)

#498 Gene Stephens - White Sox (JediJeff)

Happy that the condition of these is consistently getting better as we move forward in time.

1966 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 0
You're not missing much, just a couple of commons from a blah design set.

1967 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 1
#456 Phil Neikro - Braves (Chris Mays)

How about that! One card from this year and it turns out to be a great one. This is Niekro's fourth Topps card.

1968 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 2
Claimed Cards: 3
#259 Ken Boyer - White Sox (JediJeff)

Jeez, 11-time All-Star, 1964 NL MVP, and five Gold Gloves! Boyer's stats, however, don't quite push him over the HOF hump.
#284 John Briggs - Phillies (BS)

Ambitious enough to become a Milwaukee Brewer.
#281 Jim Campanis - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

There's our first Dodger. Jim is the son of Al, who achieved more notoriety.

1969 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 4
Claimed Cards: 2
#369 Bob Skinner - Phillies (BS)

Managers from this era usually look impossibly old to me, but Bob here still looks like a capable ballplayer.
#372 Adolfo Phillips - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

The cartoon on the back has each of the three home run balls Adolfo hit on June 11, 1967 saying, "Bye-bye!"

Let me close by saying this: If you were thinking about claiming the Tigers in this break, you may kick yourself now. There have been some good ones from earlier years, but nothing has topped the '69 Al Kaline that showed up in this lot.

Oh, and if you were thinking about claiming the Astros/Colt .45s, don't kick yourself, we've only gotten one so far.

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