Monday, August 19, 2013

Thorzul's Retro Break is Open!

The last group break I tried (actually a group draft) was a swing and a miss. This time, however, I think it will be more popular among collectors. This retro break will be a lot of 500 cards I recently picked up that stretches form the early 1950s and doesn't go past 1983. I've been able to peek at only a fraction of the contents, and so far I can attest that there will be vintage (pre-1980) cards of at least a few Hall of Famers. Pricing is based on team popularity and possibility of good cards.

Also, in case your team doesn't hit it big, I will be including a serial numbered card from my own collection for every team claimed.

If you want in on this break, claim your team(s) in the comments, then send your PayPal payment to:

Please make sure to include your screen name and mailing address as a note with payment, it just makes things a million times easier when it's time to ship the cards.

Brewers/Pilots $15
Orioles $20
Red Sox $20
Tigers $20
Yankees $25 - BS (paid)
Indians $18
Blue Jays $10
Angels $18
Royals $15
White Sox $20 - JediJeff (paid)
Mariners $10
Athletics $18
Rangers/Senators '61-'71 $12 - Play at the Plate (paid)
Twins/Nationals/Senators Pre-'61 $20
Cardinals $25
Phillies $24 - BS (paid)
Expos $15
Pirates $20
Cubs $20 - P-town Tom (paid)
Mets $20
Braves $25 - Chris Mays (paid)
Dodgers $22 - Play at the Plate (paid)
Giants $22 - BS (paid)
Padres $15
Astros/Colt .45s $15
Reds $25


Play at the Plate said...

Put me down for the Rangers/Senators.

Chris Mays said...

Braves please!

JediJeff said...

I need to up my early White Sox, so let me claim them.

Anonymous said...

I am in for the Yankees, Giants and Phillies. Money will be with you shortly.


P-town Tom said...

I'm in! Cubs, please! Payment has been sent.

Play at the Plate said...

Put me down for the Dodgers too and ill pay when I get to work tonight.