Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pull the Trigger 5.5 ($100)

Just one card added to the lot, but it's a special one.

1978 Topps #100 George Brett

The picture of ol' George here has seen better days, but I'd imagine a collector with any heart at all will overlook the few creases that are present and openly accept this monument to smokeless tobacco consumption.

Pull the trigger for $100.00 and you also get:
Lot of 61 2008 Topps Heritage High Cards

Lot of 7 1984 Topps Star/Leader Cards

2007 Topps '52 Rookies #52S-TM Travis Metcalf Red AUTO (20/52)

Two 1978 Cards

Lot of 2001 Pacific Football Cards

Friday, September 27, 2013


Dearest Edna, I must leave you. Why, I cannot say. Where, you cannot know. How I will get there, I haven't decided yet. But one thing I can tell you, any time I hear the wind blow it will whisper the name... Edna.

Pretty nice addition to my 1994 UD World Cup set. These Honorary Captains inserts are really tough to pull. I've probably opened 100+ packs of this product, and I've only ever gotten one (Joe Montana).

If you get the opening quote, you are awesome.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pull the Trigger 5.4 ($100)

Man, I need to add to this pile more than once a week. There's some eBay stuff I have my eye on, and I'm only letting myself get it if I can raise some cash. Here's the latest addition.

Lot of 61 2008 Topps Heritage High Cards

I opened two boxes of this stuff on the cheap earlier this year, and these were my doubles. There are some nice cards hidden in this stack, including a Chris Davis rookie.

Pull the trigger for $100.00 and you also get:
Lot of 7 1984 Topps Star/Leader Cards

2007 Topps '52 Rookies #52S-TM Travis Metcalf Red AUTO (20/52)

Two 1978 Cards

Lot of 2001 Pacific Football Cards

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Retro Break: 81F, 81D, 82T

Here's the finale. Thanks for hanging in there so long.

1981 Fleer
Unclaimed Cards: 19
Claimed Cards: 12
#620 Richie Zisk, #617 Mickey Rivers - Rangers

These two could swap names and still sound great: Richie Rivers and Mickey Zisk.
#10 Greg Luzinski, #1 Pete Rose - Phillies

#291 Dave Kingman - Cubs

#606 Steve Garvey, #114 Davy Lopes, #111 Reggie Smith - Dodgers

#93 Bob Watson, #91 Gaylord Perry, #81 Tommy John, #87 Graig Nettles - Yankees

My newest exclamation shall be, "By Gaylord's nipple!"

1981 Donruss
Unclaimed Cards: 5
Claimed Cards: 4
#99 Bob Horner - Braves

#295 Lonnie Smith - Phillies

#145 Buddy Bell - Rangers

#345 Willie Randolph - Yankees

1982 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 3
Claimed Cards: 3
#375 Dusty Baker - Dodgers

Front wax stain. Yuck!
#430 Vida Blue - Giants

#208 Bobby Murcer - Yankees

And that's the last card in the box. I'll get started on packing these up and shipping them out. And remember, I'll be sending you all something extra for each team you claimed, but I'll let those be a surprise. Great break, everyone, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for another in the future.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pull the Trigger 5.3

After putting a red auto on the pile the other day, let's clear the air with some sweet mid-'80s Topps.

Lot of 7 1984 Topps Star/Leader Cards

Hernandez and Eckersley were some of the fanciest men to hit the field in their era. Their mustaches held secrets, and their smiles gave them away. The leaders cards are also pretty great. While you can't see any of them fully, a little research will tell you exactly who's in this lot.

Pull the trigger for $100.00 and you also get:
2007 Topps '52 Rookies #52S-TM Travis Metcalf Red AUTO (20/52)

Two 1978 Cards

Lot of 2001 Pacific Football Cards

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Retro Break: 1981 Topps

There were even more 1981 Topps cards claimed in this lot than those from 1980. I lack the time to do too much commentary, so here are the team hauls.

Unclaimed Cards: 87
Claimed Cards: 45






White Sox


I'm happy that the star power was kind of strong here. Sometimes sellers of these lots pull out all of the stars before selling them. Here we got Schmidt, Carlton, Guidry, Jenkins, Sutton, and the unflappable William Richard Tidrow.

Up Next: The final post of this lot, some '81s from different brands and like maybe three 1982 Topps cards.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Get Rid of Your Junk Wax and Stickies (to Help the Children)

I'd like to make a quick request of anyone reading this. As you probably know, the school year is now underway. I gave a nice group of third graders in a jam-packed classroom without air conditioning. I'm trying something new this year, and I'm going with a baseball theme for the groups my students sit in. Last week I had them pick MLB teams to name their "teams." The following teams were chosen:

Brewers (Of course...)

I'd like to be able to reward them, so I'll be stockpiling bunches of cards from these teams to use as incentives and prizes. But I could always use more.

If you have any junk from any of these teams lying around, I'd be happy to accept it. Stickers would also be greatly appreciated!!!

If you would care to make a donation and you need my address, contact me at: bill13boehm at

Thanks in advance to anyone who will be helping out my class.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Retro Break: 1980 Topps

In this group break lot, 1980 and 1981 Topps were well represented, and each will be getting its own post.

1980 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 91
Claimed Cards: 31
Giants (BS)

Another crazy big pile of Giants, more than half the haul amongst all breakers.

#523 Ken Henderson (x2), #298 Ken Holtzman - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

Bummer, man. Three cards and two of the same guy.

#384 Joey McLaughlin, #489 Preston Hanna - Braves (Chris Mays)

This McLaughlin guy looks like a 1980 cop's idea of a great disguise for ilfiltrating a drug ring operating out of a third-tier disco.

#51 Joe Ferguson, #440 Don Sutton, #127 Gary Thomasson - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

The Sutton looks great on the front, but the back is severely miscut. We get half of Cesar Geronimo's name on the back.

#213 Mike Jorgensen, #93 Dave Roberts - Rangers (Play at the Plate)

#178 Tim McCarver - Phillies (BS)

When you read the stats on the back of this card, you must shout them loudly and inaccurately into a microphone.

#502 Rich Wortham - White Sox (JediJeff)

#250 Jim Kaat, #140 Rich Gossage - Yankees (BS)

Not a bad pair to get here.

Tons and tons of Indians and Blue Jays went unclaimed, for any curious parties.
Up next, 1981 Topps. Caps for Sale!

Pull the Trigger 5.2 ($100)

As I said at this PtT's outset, I want to ramp up the lot's value much quicker than in the past. So accordingly, I'm offering up the only rare red auto from a Topps product that I've ever pulled.

2007 Topps '52 Rookies #52S-TM Travis Metcalf Red AUTO (20/52)

Travis got into 80 major league games in two seasons with Texas. His last listed minor league appearance came in 2011. This card has just been taking up space in my autographed cards binder, and now it's time to get it to a good home. The corners aren't perfect, but that's what sometimes happens with hand-signed cards on vintagey stock.

Pull the trigger for $100.00 and you also get:
Two 1978 Cards

Lot of 2001 Pacific Football Cards

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thorzul's Two-Year-Old Helps Out With a Mailday

The other day I got a package from Night Owl. I figured there had to be better way to show the shit you get in the mail, so I enlisted the help of a young person.

Pretty great stuff in the package. I closed out the redeemed Diamond Giveaway cards from 2011 with the Mike Schmidt, completed a page with a retro Bernie Williams, and now have the two shiniest Robin Yount inserts from this year. Oh, and how have I not covered that Yount finally found his way into Allen & Ginter this year? Well, he's there, and it's spectacular.

Thanks, Night Owl!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Retro Break: The Late 1970s

The stacks of cards we're seeing here are getting taller as we head into the latter half of the '70s. Let's get started.

1975 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 5
Claimed Cards: 5
#70 Mike Schmidt - Phillies (BS)
This card... this collar. One I wish I had in my collection.

#237 Carl Morton, #9 Frank Trepindo - Braves (Chris Mays)

#585 Chris Chambliss - Yankees(BS)

#11 Bill Melton - White Sox (JediJeff)

1976 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 7
Claimed Cards: 3
#213 Dave Heaverlo - Giants (BS)

This appears to be Dave's rookie card. He appeared in a number of sets through 1981.
#208 Mike Lum - Braves (Chris Mays)

Seeing that sleeve feather just makes you feel happy, right?
#212 Pat Kelly - White Sox (JediJeff)

I seem to remember a Yankee named Pat Kelly popping up on cards in the '90s.

1977 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 0
Claimed Cards: 0

1978 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 47
Claimed Cards: 16
Yeah, this is the set where things start getting weird. I've got a big stack of Angels, Expos, Brewers, and Cardinals. Whoever put this lot together was just dumping partial team sets, so it's pretty much all or nothing.
Cubs (P-Town Tom)

Oh, you Cubs and your goofy team cards.
Giants (BS)

Yup, everybody else got nothing, but the Giants get a whole big bunch. Good for BS, sad for everyone else.

1979 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 77
Claimed Cards: 36
Again, big team dumps.
Cubs (P-Town Tom)

Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

Yankees (BS)

Some good ones here, especially considering New York was coming off a World Series year.
Braves (Chris Mays)

It really begins and ends with Rowland Office, doesn't it? I can't really see any other cards when one of his is out.

Sorry no Rangers, few White Sox and Phillies. On the bright side, there's a nice big stack of 1980 Topps coming your way soon.