Sunday, September 8, 2013

Retro Break: 1980 Topps

In this group break lot, 1980 and 1981 Topps were well represented, and each will be getting its own post.

1980 Topps
Unclaimed Cards: 91
Claimed Cards: 31
Giants (BS)

Another crazy big pile of Giants, more than half the haul amongst all breakers.

#523 Ken Henderson (x2), #298 Ken Holtzman - Cubs (P-Town Tom)

Bummer, man. Three cards and two of the same guy.

#384 Joey McLaughlin, #489 Preston Hanna - Braves (Chris Mays)

This McLaughlin guy looks like a 1980 cop's idea of a great disguise for ilfiltrating a drug ring operating out of a third-tier disco.

#51 Joe Ferguson, #440 Don Sutton, #127 Gary Thomasson - Dodgers (Play at the Plate)

The Sutton looks great on the front, but the back is severely miscut. We get half of Cesar Geronimo's name on the back.

#213 Mike Jorgensen, #93 Dave Roberts - Rangers (Play at the Plate)

#178 Tim McCarver - Phillies (BS)

When you read the stats on the back of this card, you must shout them loudly and inaccurately into a microphone.

#502 Rich Wortham - White Sox (JediJeff)

#250 Jim Kaat, #140 Rich Gossage - Yankees (BS)

Not a bad pair to get here.

Tons and tons of Indians and Blue Jays went unclaimed, for any curious parties.
Up next, 1981 Topps. Caps for Sale!

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