Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thorzul's Two-Year-Old Helps Out With a Mailday

The other day I got a package from Night Owl. I figured there had to be better way to show the shit you get in the mail, so I enlisted the help of a young person.

Pretty great stuff in the package. I closed out the redeemed Diamond Giveaway cards from 2011 with the Mike Schmidt, completed a page with a retro Bernie Williams, and now have the two shiniest Robin Yount inserts from this year. Oh, and how have I not covered that Yount finally found his way into Allen & Ginter this year? Well, he's there, and it's spectacular.

Thanks, Night Owl!


Ryan G said...

That has to be the best trade package video ever.

night owl said...

First time my wife ever watched a card video.

--David said...

The cutest mailday video ever!

P-town Tom said...

"K, be careful.... WHOA, that was not careful."

Absolutely classic.

JediJeff said...

I wonder if I can enlist my dog to open packages?