Sunday, October 27, 2013

Completion! Super-Sparkly Parallel Edition

Five years is a relatively long time to spend building any set. The amount of time spent building a set, in combination with the set's difficulty level, helps determine the enjoyment felt when it's finally completed. 2008 Topps Chrome was a set with a lot of different parallels, my favorite being the Xfractor. These were available only in retail packs, which made them less available than the regular refractors and some of the other colored parallels.

The other day, the last six cards I needed arrived at my house. They came from far-flung corners of the earth, from three or four different sellers. As you will see, I waited until the end to pick up some of the key cards in this set. Let's look at the final six.

#5 Miguel Cabrera
Maybe I could have gotten this for a bit less before last year's Triple Crown season, but the price was still reasonable.

#40 Robinson Cano
Pretty neat with the picture taken at Fenway with deep left field visible behind Cano.

#47 Tim Lincecum
Still a very collectible player despite seeming more mortal in recent seasons.

#161 Asdrubal Cabrera
Only player I needed who's not really a star.

#193 Evan Longoria
Had to pay through the nose for this one, but an accepted Best Offer made it hurt a bit less.

#196 Joey Votto
Ditto on Votto.

That might close the book on this product. So far I've completed the base set, the rookie autographs, the 50th Anniversary Team inserts, the Trading Card History inserts, and the Xfractor parallels. The Mickey Mantle Story and Home Run History are probably also within reach, but something I've not actively pursued. I also like the look of the blue refractors, but that's a mountain I'd rather not climb right now. I'll just enjoy this accomplishment for the moment.

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Brad's Blog said...

Nice set, love shiny sets!